Gekko Valorant 22nd Agent: Game Changer.

Gekko Valorant 22nd Agent: Game Changer.

Gekko Valorant 22nd agent, has become a big deal in the game world. His special skills, especially his Wingman skill, are making a big difference. This skill adds a new element to the game by making it easy to place and defuse the spike.

Gekko Valorant 22nd Agent: : What Wingman Can Do

The Wingman ability of Gekko has changed how teams do spike-related tasks, giving them an edge in both attacking and defending. Let’s look at how to use this skill that can change the game.

Gekko Valorant 22nd Agent: : Putting down the spike with the wingman

Before you start, make sure you have the spike.

To begin, always make sure you have the spike in your collection. Go to a spike spot with your team. When you see the right spot, equip Wingman and press Alt+Fire. You’ll see a shape of Gekko, which means the ability is ready. But be careful, because the little spike carrier might go in strange directions!

How to Get Past Problems: Tips and Tricks

Wingman can put the spike through Sage’s Barrier Orb wall, Cypher’s Trapwires, and even smoke. Keep in mind, though, that Wingman only has 100 HP, which leaves him open to attack during the planting process. To keep the task on track, be ready to get the spike back if he drops it.

Gekko Valorant 22nd Agent: : Using Wingman to Defuse the Spike

Different Move, Same Goal: Defusing with Wingman

Defusing the spike is as easy as putting it in place. Put on Wingman, press Alt+F, and watch him rush to defuse the spike. Not only does this move help your team find enemies, but it also gives Gekko an ultimate point when the move is over.

Keep an eye out for possible problems

When you send Wingman into action, be careful because some agent skills can hurt or kill him. The Gravity of Astra Well, post-plant mollies and other powers that do damage can be dangerous. Keep an eye on things to make sure the defusal goes well and there are no surprising problems.

Unlocking Gekko and Taking Advantage of the Wingman Advantage

With the 6.04 patch, Gekko joined the Valorant team. Players could unlock him by either getting 60,000 XP through his agent contract or spending 1,000 VP. As you get better at using Wingman, you’ll think more strategically about how to plant and defuse the spike, which will help your team win the game.

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