Summer Internship Opportunity

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We are currently seeking  Graphic, Interior and Industrial Designer Interns to  assist the team in numerous aspects, including but not limited to, special custom projects, marketing, web development and the conceptualization and development of a new line of products. The designer will have to determine materials, construction, form, color, surface finish, manufacturing processes and packaging….

Daniel Roth’s Sculpture

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Daniel Roth, our Senior Intern and Sculpture Student at the Cleveland Institute of Art, has created this stunning reclaimed wood sculpture. Daniel focuses on material and geometric structure in his work and this piece is influence by the tessellating structure of carbon molecules in graphite. The wood, salvaged from 10241 Ridge Road, is leftover douglas fir…

Sneak Peek: Foundry Line

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Just a little sneak peek into what we have been up to with the forms we salvaged from Taylor and Boggis Foundry. Please join us on Friday, October 19th for the Introduction of the Foundry Line at 78th Street Studios. Enjoy!  


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Please join us at 78th Street Studios for the unveiling of our Foundry Collection. We will be featuring numerous foundry patterns and blueprints turned decor, as well as items from our standard product line. These beautiful hand-made patterns were constructed of mahogany or pine and were used to form the sand molds employed in the…

Make: Chrysler Block Clock

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The Chrysler Block Clock is made with pecan wood salvaged from the floor of a Chrysler Stamping Plant in Twinsburg, OH. Pecan is a very dense wood, so it’s difficult to work with (cut, route, sand), but makes for a very robust and beautiful final product. The wood came out of the floor is 32″…

David Meyers

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Design Director / Maker A transplant to Cleveland from Detroit, David arrived in 2007 seeking an industrial design degree from the Cleveland Institute of Art. During his time at the Institute, David grew interested in sustainability design and it soon became a passion and the focus of his BFA thesis. After presenting his thesis at…

Daily News Blurb

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New York Daily News claims “Best form of adoptive reuse we’ve seen yet.” CLICK TO VIEW ARTICLE


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In August 2009, Mayor Frank G. Jackson convened the first Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Summit to bring together hundreds of people interested in applying the principles of sustainability to the design of the local economy. The goal: envision a 10-year campaign for “building an economic engine to empower a green city on a blue lake” by…


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House Press is our in-house publication that turns inspiration into reality. Historically, foundries made type. Cast-metal shops fabricated the metal type pieces used to create printing presses. As a result, foundries were some of the first places to create their own in-house presses and publications. We are a different sort of foundry – the Foundary…

Blog Mention: Thrillist

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Thrillist is a leading digital lifestyle publication, currently reaching over 2 million subscribers in 17 local markets in the U.S. and the U.K. They’re pretty cool. They wrote a featured article about us. Thanks Thrillist! Check it out… Reclaimed Cleveland: Stuff your house with stuff… made from someone else’s