Reclaimed Cleveland is a retail and custom furnishings company, which re-purposes local materials that would otherwise be bound for disposal. The goal of the company is to serve Cleveland’s progression into a sustainable 21st century, while preserving its history in heirloom quality furniture.

The City of Cleveland’s mid-twentieth century population was nearly 1 million people. In the last 50 years, the local population has decreased by two-thirds because of a migration out of the area due to loss of manufacturing jobs. As a result, approximately 15,000 houses (some estimates claim more) stand vacant and are scheduled for demolition in the next 5 to 10 years. Millions of tons of materials from these demolitions are considered garbage and shipped to area landfills each year.

Our main source of materials are condemned Cleveland area structures; but other material sources include urban trees removed to make way for utilities and land use in the city, retail storefront renovations, or any other local materials going to refuse that our designers can manipulate for re-use. Most of the houses slated for demolition in Cleveland are nearly 100 years old (some even older) and were built with old growth lumber that is as dense as it is beautiful. Reclaimed Cleveland is leading the effort to salvage this lumber and giving it new life as well-designed house furnishings and accessories.

All Reclaimed Cleveland products are stamped with the address of the structure from which the lumber was reclaimed. Images and information in respect to each structure can be found on the “Salvages” page of our website. Although we make multiples of our pieces, each one is unique and traceable to its origin.