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Please join us at 78th Street Studios for the unveiling of our Foundry Collection. We will be featuring numerous foundry patterns and blueprints turned decor, as well as items from our standard product line. These beautiful hand-made patterns were constructed of mahogany or pine and were used to form the sand molds employed in the production of iron parts and components for industry by Taylor and Boggis, Ohio’s oldest foundry. These molds represent a piece of Cleveland’s industrial history and include parts for companies such as Eaton (Fawick), Warner-Swasey, Vulcan, and Rockwell.

The event will take place in conjunction with 78th Street Studios Third Friday event Rust Belt (re)visions. The Foundry Collection will be on display in the Kokoon Arts Gallery and will be coupled with paintings by local artist Randall Tiedman, prints by graphic artist Michael Nekic and a book signing by Anne Trubek and Richey Piiparinen.

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